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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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which resulted in pretty extensive damage but no injuries. as far as we know, there are no injuries at all anywhere in the d.c. area as a result of yesterday's storms. matt jablow, 9news now. >> the cause of an accident involving another airport shuttle on the dulles toll road remains under investigation this morning. this was yesterday afternoon in the westbound lanes near the reston parkway exit. the driver and four passengers in that shuttle were hurt. four of those injuries were just minor. one person was flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. yesterday's accident comes nearly a year after another shuttle accident. one person was killed in that wreck. long hours for many super shuttle drivers and a record of speeding and reckless driving was found for that particular driver. ike leggett is issuing an order that all champion ride on buses be taken off the street. >> this is because yet another
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one of these buses went up in flames yesterday morning. it was in silver spring this time. ken molestina explains how the county is trying to deal with a busload of trouble. >> reporter: how many buses have to burn before you realize that, you know, we have bad equipment. >> reporter: jean know is president of the union that represents the ride on bus drivers. he's thankful the county executive has moved to take all the champion model buses off the streets immediately and permanently but he's bothered it took so long to do it. >> this government allowed unsafe equipment. >> reporter: the union and county administrators have been fighting over the future of these buses for years. the president of the union that represents the ride on bus drivers says the county bought about 50 of these buses back in 2007. the total bill for it he says was somewhere in the neighborhood of about $10 million. just two years after the purchase in 2009, the first case of a self-combusting bus happened. since then including the one on wednesday morning in silver
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spring, some 13 buses have gone up in flames. >> what you end up having is wires up against very, very hot hydraulic systems which go up in flames or you have brakes that aren't made for the stress they're under. >> reporter: he says the buses weren't built to be used as often or run as hard as montgomery county transit officials have been ordering. in a statement county executive ike leggett said in quote, the bottom line is removing the buses from service is the right thing to do to ensure the safety of the public and our bus drivers. >> they finally can take a deep breath and not worry about getting on the bus and not knowing when it was going to go up in flames. >> reporter: it ends the fight to get the buses off the streets. in montgomery county, ken molestina, 9news now. >> those pictures are amazing. temporary replacement buses have been brought in until the county get as new permanent fleet. the change will affect some routes today. the routes will be placed on a holiday schedule now. if you'd like to find out what
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schedule your entails, go to our -- to our wusa9 website. the supreme court justice john roberts has temporarily blocked a maryland court of appeals ruling which barred the practice of collecting d.n.a. alonso king, jr. was found guilty of 2003 rape after his d.n.a. was collected following his arrest for assault in 2009. the order will remain in effect until king responds to the appeal by july 25. syria's president has not been seen in public since the bombing of a public building killed three of his top officials. >> his brother-in-law, syria's defense minister was one of the three people killed in this bombing. as randall pinkston reports, the bombing is the most brazen attack by anti-government
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forces yet. >> reporter: syrian college students chanted freedom. protesters fired shots and waved the opposition flag celebrating the assassinations of several members of president assad's inner circle. a bomb exploded at a high level meeting killing three top officials, including the defense minister and deputy defense minister who was assad's brother-in-law. rebels claim they set off the blast with remote control. a new defense minister was immediately appointed and he called the attack the work of terrorists. obama administration says it's clear assad's regime is losing control. >> assad is a spent force in terms of history. he will not be a part of syria's future. >> reporter: at the pentagon defense secretary leon panetta rejected calls to arm the rebels. >> it is more essential than ever that the united states and the international community
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continue to work together through the united nations. >> reporter: the u.n. security council was scheduled to vote on a resolution on syria but that was postponed till thursday while diplomats try to agree on the wording. international envoy kofi annan reportedly asked for the delay hoping russia and the west could settle their differences over sanctions and the possible use of force to end the fighting that has claimed more than 15,000 lives. randall pinkston, cbs news, the united nations. hours after the blast, the u.s. treasury department imposed economic sanctions on assad and 28 other top syrian officials. the sanctions freeze assets and bars americans from doing business with them. the f.b.i. made serious missteps handling information leading up to the fort hood shooting in 2009. that's according to texas congressman michael mccall. major nadal hassan was communicating with a known terrorist before he shot and killed 13 people on the base.
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the congressman says f.b.i.'s washington division was more concerned about political correctness than making sure the military had the information it needed on hassan. here's a look at some other news making news now. israel has vowed to get revenge for a bus explosion which killed at least six israeli tourists in bulgaria. prime minister benjamin netanyahu was blaming iran for the bombing. president obama called netanyahu to offer assistance in finding the people responsible for the attack. george zimmerman gave liz first national television interview last night on fox news channel. he's the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murdering an unarmed 17-year- old trayvon martin in florida. he was recently released on bail for the second time in this racially charged case. during the interview he said if he could talk to martin's parents, he would say i'm sorry. >> i do wish that there was something, anything i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position where i had to take his life.
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>> zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the teenager's death. still no word what led one woman to try and cross the tracks at metro center last night. you see a picture there on your screen. the woman got halfway across when she decided crossing not such a good idea after all. metro workers turned off the power to the third rail and got her safely back on the platform. bad idea. don't do that. >> what were you thinking? 4:37. still ahead, more heat, more storms expected to affect our region today again. anny will tell you what to expect as you head out the door. >> a major credit card company is issuing refunds after regulators say it deceives clients. >> the airport authority is out with its proposal for rate hikes when it comes to the dulles toll road. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now. happy thursday morning.
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grab your umbrellas again today. it won't be as hot. temperatures in the low 90s. some places getting close to near mid-90s. we have a better chance of showers and storms once again starting as early as late this morning and through this afternoon and evening. so some of the storms could be strong or severe just like we had yesterday. here's a look at your time saver traffic with monika. good morning. good morning, anny. if you are planning to head inbound on i-66, it's nice and light early this thursday morning in centreville heading for fairfax and inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. i'll have more on traffic coming up at 4:47. back to you. >> thanks, monika. the time 4:40. i am watching your money. we are seeing a small sign of recovery in the housing market. not so bad for homeowners. last month builders broke ground on the most new homes
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and apartments in nearly four years. overall home construction surged about 7% to the highest range since october 2008. that combined with a string of strong profits sparked a big rally on wall street. checking the numbers for you, the dow rose 103 points. it opens at 12,908. the nasdaq was up by 32 points. the s&p 500 was up by 9. capital one bank is handing out millions of dollars in refunds for tricking credit card companies in buying costly addon services. we're talking payment protection and credit monitoring services. in a settlement with the golf, capital one will pay $140 million to two million customers. they were led to believe the services were free or mandatory. it will also pay $70 million in fines. this is the first enforcement action by the consumer financial protection bureau. it was set up last year to protect consumers from excessive or hidden fees.
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a new study is offering some hope for people who suffer from egg allergies. >> we'll have more on that story and your weather first when we come back. keep it here.
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good morning. it is 4:44. if you're just waking up, we've glad you're with us. anny is in for howard. you called the triple digits and we got it. >> we set a new record at dulles at 101. today, though, we're not talking record breaking heat. so i think we can use a break from that heat. we still have a chance for some showers and storms. again some storms could be strong or severe, especially later this afternoon. so please keep that in mind as you're getting ready for the day. you will want to bring your umbrellas once again. here's a look at your day plan other this prefriday. by noon temperatures in the upper 80s pushing close to 90. we have a chance for late morning and afternoon storms. temperatures will get into the lower 90s by late this afternoon. here's a look at your satellite and radar picture.
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we had some big storms go through last night, especially here around d.c. and also places up north into new york city. we're looking at this boundary front that's going to continue to sag south. so until that's south of us, we'll continue to have some unsettled weather through today and into tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s and lower 80s in downtown. 79 for college park. bethesda you're at 76 degrees. in great falls also 76. fairfax, good morning to you. you're at 75. in crofton you're in the mid- 70s as well. still fairly muggy out there. here's a look at your michael & son weather camera. that's the white house back there. no lights are on because they're still sleeping. 80 degrees right now. mostly cloudy conditions. dew points still in the lower 70s. still a bit sticky out there. more storms are possible for late this morning, especially by this afternoon and evening. again some strong storms are possible. not as hot, though, today and through tomorrow. we're going to cool down and then more storms also are in the forecast for friday.
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here's your future cast. this morning should be dry for most of us. again a chance for a late morning shower, maybe a thunderstorm. but this afternoon we're still seeing some more showers and storms again. still the atmosphere is unstable so we could still see maybe some strong to severe storms. friday morning we could see showers and storms as well. the temperatures do cool off not only just today but through tomorrow and into your weekend. here's your forecast. we start in western maryland. oakland mid-70s. in cumberland mid-80s. winchester 87. warrenton 88. manassas 88. culpeper getting into the lower 90s. in downtown we'll be a few degrees above the average high of upper 80s. 89 for annapolis. 85 pax river and for the eastern shore you'll top out in the mid-80s as well. check out your next three days. we are looking at code yellow for today because of the unsettled weather. temperatures will still be warm in the lower 90s but a lot of locations may be about 10
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degrees cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday's high of triple digits. friday mid-80s. code yellow because of the showers and storms. check out saturday. we're going to be code green because of the really nice conditions. well eab cooler in the -- we'll be cooler in the low 80s. only a chance of a stray storm. some places on saturday maybe only the upper 70s. check out the next seven days. sunday mid-80s. chance for an isolated storm. monday we're hot again at 59 but back in the -- at 95 but back in the lower 80s and -- upper 80s and lower 90s for tuesday and wednesday. do not forget your umbrellas as we have to watch out for the showers and storms today. i'm happy to say things are off to a good start this morning. good morning, everybody. the beltway looks great. of course you have the construction on the west side of town in the tysons and annandale areas. but 270 is looking great from frederick down to clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide. we'll take a live look at shady grove road. it's nice and light on the main
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and hov lanes headed down to rockville and the beltway. we'll go back over to the maps and this time we'll head all the way south on 9 a in virginia looking good from dale city as you head for woodbridge and springfield on to 395 to the 14th street bridge. let's take a live look in springfield here. you can see just a bit of volume leaving route 644 but right now again the lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic in a few minutes. want to let you know the daily cost to drive on the dulles toll road is going up next year. yesterday the metropolitan airports authority released possible tolerate increases. if approved the cost of driving through the main toll plaza and exit ramp booth would cost an additional $2.75 per trip. 50 cents more than you pay now. but the increase would just be the start. so plan -- the plan also calls for an increase to $3.50 in '14
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and $4.50 in '15. we now know what caused a computer glitch which created major delays on metro this past weekend. the transit agency says a failed module is to blame. we asked our i.t. team here in the building what that means. they say it's basically like having a bad network card. metro says replacing the module fixed the problem. back to you. >> thanks, monika. a new study in the "new england journal of medicine" questions whether surgery is the right treatment for some prostrate cancer patients. some doctors prefer surgery after diagnosis. while others advise just watching and waiting to see if the cancer progresses. researchers followed more than 700 prostrate cancer patients and found those who had surgery did not live longer than those who did not. many doctors believe watching and waiting is the better option because surgery can come with side effects. in certainly types of -- a certain type of fat in the blood any increase the risk of
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alzheimer's. researchers at the mayo clinic linked the fatty compound to this disease. they found seniors with the highest levels in their blood were ten times more likely to develop alzheimer's. doctors say larger studies will determine if it can help one day help diagnosis this disease. does anyone in your family have an egg allergy? there is a new study out that says there is some help for that. >> researchers gave children very small amounts of egg curing many of their allergies. teresa garcia talked to one of the children in the study. >> reporter: 10-yard david has to -- 1 -- 10-year-old david has to be careful. one food he no longer has to worry about is eggs. he took part in an oral immunotherapy study. doctors gave children with egg allergies tiny amounts of the
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food every day over a two-year period. at the end 75% of the children were able to tolerate a lot more egg than when they started. 28% included davide were able to get rid of their egg allergy completely. >> i love eggs now. >> reporter: egg is a very common food allergy. most children outgrow it by age 5 but some can have it all their lives. having an egg allergy can be difficult because eggs are in so many other foods like breads and desserts. >> the first thing he had was french toast. he loved it. he had no reaction so it was a big celebration. >> reporter: but researchers warn parents not to try this without medical supervision. >> we need to do more to find out who is this right for, what is the right regiment and can we move this to be regular clinical practice. >> reporter: davide had to endure blood work and i.v.s throughout the study but says it was worth it. >> it wasn't cool but it really paid off at the end. >> reporter: and his mom hopes
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the research will lead to cures for her son's other allergies. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> tough little kid. oral immunotherapy didn't work for all of the patients. 15% of participants had to stop because of significant reactions. high stressed jobs may increase the risk of a heart attack. boston researchers followed 22,000 women and found those in the most stressful jobs were 67% more likely to suffer a heart attack. previous studies show psychological stress can affect long-term cardiovascular health. it is 4:52. time for the question of the morning now. >> that is, what is the one thing kids tend to stick up their noses? is it a, a crayon, b, french fry, or c, beans. has this happened in your family yet? >> not yet. log on to our facebook fan page. would love to hear what you think. we'll have the answer in our
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6:00 show.
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good morning. 4:55 on your thursday. grab the umbrella as you head out the door. you might need it. we'll probably see scattered showers and storms late this afternoon and early this evening. it won't be as hot today. that's the good news. temperatures will top out in the lower 90s. right now mostly cloudy and the current temperature is 81 degrees in downtown. also action we can see areas of patchy fog -- also, we can see areas of patchy fog. here's monika. construction should be cleared up shortly on the inner loop of the beltway between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. right now stay to the left to get around t. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:10. back to you. >> see you then, monika.
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thank you. the world's largest advanced waste water treatment plant turns 75 years old. july 1937 is when it opened for limited operation in southwest washington. prior to its creation, open sewers ran through the city and waste water ran into washington's waterways without being treated. construction now is currently under way on three massive environmental projects at the plant which managers say will enable even cleaner water to flow from blue plains. leaders broke ground on a new police station in montgomery county. county executive ike leggett was on hand for the ceremony for the new third district station at milestone drive in silver spring. it's scheduled to open sometime next year and it will replace the current 50-year-old station. nelson mandela turned 94 years old yesterday. a private family celebration was held at the home of the former south african president and nobel peace prize winner.
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mandela has spent 27 years in prison after being convicted of sabotage under south africa's apartheid regime. he was released in 1990 and became south africa's president in 1994 during bill clinton's administration. clinton visited mandela on tuesday. >> i saw in him something that i try not to lose in myself which is no matter how much responsibility he had, he remembered he was a person first. and then i learned a lot about living from him, about living with adversity, living with setbacks, living with disappointments and living without anger. >> in 2009 the united nations designated his birthday july 18 as nelson mandela international day. happy birthday to him. >> indeed. michael phelps says the upcoming olympics will be his last but first he has to face off against a u.s. rival. >> we have the olympic duo in knoxville.
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>> reporter: michael fell:s is back in the water -- fell fell:s is back in the water. he has 16 medals, eight from the last summer olympics in beijing. >> the only thing i'm worried about is myself and preparing myself to go out and represent my country and step up wearing the stars and stripes and try and swim as fast as i can. >> reporter: but this time he finds himself up against fellow american ryan locke. they're fierce in the pool but great friends. >> we have a great rivalry and a great friendship. last night he was in my room and we were playing cards. >> reporter: if phelps turns medals in just three of the seven events, he'll break a world record and become itself most decorated olympian in history. >> he's probably the hardest racer i ever came across. >> reporter: but locke is also a tough competitor with six olympic medals already and is hungry for more. luke is rooting for phelps
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while his brother nick likes the locke. they waited for hours in the rain to watch the two olympians practice in tennessee. >> it's cool to come out and hear the guys cheering us on. >> reporter: the crowds will be larger and louder when they face off in london. cbs news, knoxville, tennessee. good morning. you almost made it. it's thursday morning, 5:00 a.m. thanks for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. that sounds so good. almost made it. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. monika samtani will have traffic in a moment and anny hong is here with weather first in for howard. we'll break from the extreme heat we had yesterday. we'll still see unsettled weather. don't forget your umbrellas as you head out the door because we could have more showers and thunderstorms, especially by this afternoon and this evening. let's take a look at your day planner for this thursday. i like to say pre-friday around here. look


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